Official VJMC Social Media



Below are links to official VJMC social media sites. If you are not a Member of the VJMC you can request membership of these sites from the site admin.

Members should note that only social media sites identified below are considered official VJMC social media.  If Areas use social media which is not listed here, they should make an application through the secretary to have their social media site recognised.  Please beware of sites not supported by the VJMC and using our logo etc. 

VJMC Australia National social media pages:

VJMC Australia Page

VJMC Australia: Facebook


VJMC Australia: Instagram

VJMC Australia Buy, Swap & Sell

VJMC Australia Buy,Swap & Sell: Facebook


VJMC Australia Regional social media area groups:

VJMC ACT & Southern NSW

VJMC ACT & SNSW: Facebook

VJMC Broken Hill

VJMC Broken Hill: Facebook

VJMC Central Victoria

VJMC Central Victoria: Facebook

VJMC Geelong

VJMC Geelong: Facebook

VJMC Gold Coast

VJMC Gold Coast: Facebook

VJMC Illawarra & Southern Highlands

VJMC Illawarra & Southern H'lands: Facebook

VJMC Mackay

VJMC Mackay: Facebook

VJMC Melbourne

VJMC Melbourne: Facebook

VJMC North Western Victoria

VJMC North Western Victoria: Facebook

VJMC Tasmania

VJMC Tasmania: Facebook

VJMC South East Queensland

VJMC South East Queensland: Facebook

VJMC South Australia 

VJMC South Australia: Facebook

VJMC Tamworth

VJMC Tamworth: Facebook

VJMC Western Australia

VJMC Western Australia: Facebook


VJMC International social media:

VJMC UK/International

VJMC UK/International: Facebook