Mental Health Support Services

The VJMC supports the health and well-being of all our Members and their Families.
It’s not always obvious when someone you care about is going through a tough time, although you may notice some things which may make you concerned.
  • They seem anxious, worried, or unhappy.
  • Their emotions go up and down – for example, suddenly losing their temper, or crying.
  • They have changes in their sleep patterns and/or eating habits.
  • They stop seeing friends or taking part in social activities they enjoy.
  • They are talking more negatively about themselves, the world around them, or their future.
  • They’re watching too much TV, eating or drinking too much, taking part in risky activities, or skipping work.
If you think that something is not right, it’s important to check in and ask them how they’re going. You don't need any special training to show someone you care about them; sometimes, just being there can make all the difference.